guarantees employment


guarantees employment

Bushwise guarantees employment

Bushwise Field Guides students are highly sought after in the safari industry. We guarantee a permanent position for all our South African graduates within six months of completing the Bushwise Professional Field Guide course. These include positions as field guides, reserve managers and conservationists in Africa and the United States. Start your professional field guiding career with Bushwise and get the chance to work in places like Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Patagonia, Rwanda, Tanzania or Zambia.

Our unique offer

100% of our South African graduates have received permanent employment in the safari industry in the past six years. Bushwise promises the same result to all South African participants. Bushwise is a recognised educational institution and prides itself on being the top-rated and lowest-priced FGASA provider in the industry.

Your money back

Bushwise is confident that you’ll secure a job offer within six months of completing our 12-month program successfully. As part of our promise to you, Bushwise will return half of your course fees should you be unsuccessful in securing a job placement.

How it works

Bushwise works closely with key players in the wildlife sector to align our curriculum with the latest industry requirements. This is how we ensure our students receive the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge. We are committed to our role as the top-rated FGASA provider in the industry and continue to deliver the best hands-on training for our participants. This is why we’ve built strong relationships with lodges in South Africa and outside of our borders in Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Patagonia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia.

Bushwise field guides are highly skilled, motivated, and professional ambassadors – not only for Bushwise, but for the industry as a whole. Alongside our successful industry relationships, our field guides have a reputation for quality and excellence. We are confident that this reputation will continue and expand across the industry.

Our alumni

"I did my course in Jan 2016. I wanted to get my FGASA and gain more experience in guiding and in return I gained so much more. I loved the course and grew so much in my confidence and learned to take more risks and just believing in myself. The course definitely helps you grow and helps you get a foot in the door with the placement after the course."

Daneline Kruger
Kafue national park,

"I did the course from July to December 2016 and I absolutely loved it! Before this I was working for a company in Durban doing sales and marketing but thank goodness I chose to go to a Bushwise course as I feel I made the best choice ever!!...I absolutely loved the course even though tough at times, so prepare to work and study hard. I made friends for life and the course further ignited my deep passion and love for the Bush."

Kyle Smith
Mala Mala,
South Africa

"I chose this course because I thought that the course was a brilliant way to enhance my love of conservation and passion for nature, aswell as give my additional qualifications and have the opportunity to perhaps live and work in South Africa. I am glad I did the course because I thought it was fantastic and there was nothing about it I would have changed."

Elliot Evans
Ingwe Leaopard Research,
South Africa