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Conservation with GVI

Bushwise’s sister company GVI promise an unforgettable outdoors experience while making an impact.

Bushwise Field Guides is a sister company of GVI, an award-winning organisation that has been operating in sustainable development for over 20 years. GVI offers wildlife conservation volunteer programs starting from two weeks, as well as more comprehensive wildlife internship programs that go up to 12 months, with the chance to specifically up your professional development in this field. GVI’s conservation programs in Limpopo, South Africa promise an unforgettable outdoors experience. Wake up each morning to the chorus of savannah birds, and spot the famous Big Five while collecting valuable data for conservation science. But what’s the difference between a GVI program and Bushwise?



      with GVI

GVI Limpopo

GVI’s programs focus mainly on data collection of target species specifically found within the Karongwe Private Game Reserve, close to our Bushwise Mahlahla campus. The research done on these programs are conducted using radio telemetry techniques, camera traps and visual collection. If you choose a GVI wildlife internship, you’ll receive a three month work placement after successfully completing the program.

GVI’s conservation programs enable you to play an active and meaningful role in the conservation of South Africa’s natural resources. You can contribute to big cat conservation, elephant research, cheetah conservation, and scientific programs. With sustainability at the heart of GVI’s conservation programs, your hand in these conservation efforts will add to the benefit of many generations of species to come.

GVI Wildlife Internships and Expeditions

You don’t need any qualifications to join GVI’s conservation programs. All necessary training will be provided on-the-ground by trained staff members. Trainers will also supervise participants in the field and offer support where needed. All you need is a passion to make an impact and a wild heart to experience one of the most fulfilling programs in South Africa.

For more information, go to GVI Limpopo and explore the incredible opportunities available.


My time at GVI Karongwe has been amazing - short but sweet! The atmosphere on base and on drives is what makes the experience so good. It has been great to be around so many people with huge passions regarding the environment and conservation, supporting me to learn so much. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to learn about conservation hands-on, whether from a background in this field or not!

Amy McMunn | South Africa, 2020

I came to GVI to gain experience and perspective on a field I’m interested in working in. I got that, and so much more. It’s absolutely insane how many incredible people I’ve met - staff and participants alike. While we’re all very different people, we shared a passion and a curiosity about nature and science. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I feel insanely lucky to have been a part of this experience with all the beautiful and amazing human beings I’ve met.

Freja Hardsner | South Africa, 2020

I did not know what to expect coming here, outside of the previous training manual I received, and I was blown away by what an amazing time I had here. The people I arrived with, and subsequently the people I met here during my 7 and half weeks, were some of the best people I've had the pleasure of meeting. All the staff is amazing, super knowledgeable and always ready to answer questions or even have a casual chat. The drives are super enjoyable and despite being out for a few hours at a time, it always flies by. Would highly recommend it!

Benjamin Craggs | South Africa, 2020

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