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Industry first in offering a free recruitment service

Bushwise Field Guides presents an industry first by offering all Bushwise International Safari Guide course graduates a complimentary recruitment service. With the Bushwise Recruitment service and the Bushwise Employment Guarantee, your chances of landing a permanent position in the safari industry are higher than ever. These services are available to any student that passes their course in full and completes their six-month job placement.


The Bushwise Recruitment service provides you with the support you need to get your foot in the door, and get started with your career in the wildlife industry. We have an extensive network of partnerships and relationships with lodges, reserves and research centres in South Africa, and abroad. This means you’ll have a wide variety of job opportunities post-graduation. This is just one example of how Bushwise is a step ahead of the competition.




How does it work?

Bushwise trainers work closely with each and every student – allowing them to know every colour of every feather, so to speak. This close professional relationship is stronger than any offered by a typical recruitment service. The result? Our service offering is highly successful. Recruitment support is available to alumni of, and students that are currently completing, Bushwise’s International Safari Guide course.


Each month, lodges, reserves and research centres send us positions they are looking to fill. Similar to how Bushwise matches students to appropriate placements, we pair candidates with suitable positions. Bushwise contacts the job poster and provides a professional reference. Bushwise will also contact the applicants other referees on behalf of the job poster. Finally, Bushwise will set up the final interview. After this point, it is the responsibility of the Bushwise student or alumni to wow their potential future employer.


If you are an alumn looking to make use of the Bushwise Recruitment service, or a potential student interested in finding out how you can use the service post-graduation, send an email to and we will be in touch.

The employment guarantee

Bushwise is unique as it guarantees a job offer to all South African students within six months of completing the Bushwise International Safari Guide course. Bushwise is extremely proud to say that for the past six years, 100% of our South African graduates have been offered permanent employment in the industry.

*Not including Covid-19 lockdown period when many companies had hiring freezes.

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