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Fever pitch is high

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

The mood on campus for the week has been both tense and feverishly ‘busy’. Apart from the last few remaining Advanced Rifle Handling assessments that had to be conducted, as well as the preparation for the upcoming Apprentice Trails Guide exams, all were waiting in anticipation for the Bushwise Field Guides award ceremony that was to be held after the exam. In amongst all this activity, morning and afternoon bush walks were the order of the day for the students who were to be joining our partners, Lowveld Trails Co. for the next phase of the Bushwise Field Guide course – this in order to get their “trails legs” for the 12 day mentorship course that Brendan and Wayne facilitate.

Needless to say, all survived the 2-hour exam, and arrived at the venue for the Awards evening relatively unscathed. Thank you to our hosts, Mahlahla Game Lodge for a fantastic evening, the delicious 3 course meal, the great music and the “Happy hour”!

Congratulations to Georgina Hall for Top Achiever Award and to Becca Elliott for the Best All-Rounder Award! Congratulations also go out to all the remaining students for their individual achievements, your hard work has finally paid off, well done.

In closing, a special mention should go out to young Ryan Norwood for the prestigious “Dung Beetle” Award. This title was hotly contested by the group throughout the course; however it was fitting to present it to Ryan as he proved to be the worthy recipient after many a hilarious incident that provided the laughter and banter that the students have shared over the last 6 months.

Until next time, Happy Trails all!

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