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Practical drives, tropical storms and FOH workshop

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

BY: Daniel Greyvenstein, student 2021

After a weekend of studying, the week kicked off with the exciting stuff: practical drives. This meant going out at the crack of dawn to be ready for the new day ahead and arriving at camp well after dark, but no one complained because we were finally doing what we love. 

During practical drives, each student got the chance to drive the game viewing vehicle for an hour, host the “guests” (the other students) for a morning coffee or a sundowner and show of their knowledge they have learned so far. Group B had an amazing sighting of a big male leopard, while group A was still in search for their own special sighting. Luckily, they were rewarded for their patience with the same leopard a few days later. (Photo by Matthew Franklin) 

Between the drives, we were kept busy with more studying for the weather, climate and astronomy test that was waiting for us the following week. We got in a good rhythm: drive, lecture, study, drive, sleep and repeat.

With Tropical Storm Eloise approaching us there was a feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air.  We had to make sure that the camp was ready and safe for a big storm. We dug drainage holes, filled up sandbags to block water going under the doors, made sure all the rain drains were empty and in working condition.  Everything and everyone was ready for Elouise to come and pay us a visit. Fortunately, the storm didn’t hit us as hard as our surrounding areas, we had some strong winds and some rain. The dry river bed filled up for a while but cleared the next day. No damage was done, and our hard work paid off.

Monday was the day when our knowledge of the Weather and Climate and Astronomy modules was tested, and we delivered good marks! With a sigh of relieve we knew we can take a break from studying before our next text that will take place after off-week. 

On Tuesday we welcomed Hayley and Grant for our two-day Front of House Workshop to learn about the do’s and don’ts of the guiding industry. We all learned a lot and had some great laughs in between with some role play to understand the workshop.

The Front of House workshop continued on Wednesday morning, and Wednesday afternoon group B was rewarded with a well-deserved bushwalk with our trainers Jack and Lindi. After a long day everyone was back at camp, once again enjoying an amazing dinner prepared by our Chef Sibu.

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