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It’s crunch time for the Class of January 2019

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

We, the students of 2019, are in crunch time! To most of us our mock assessment drives, which are like practise drives, was a good indicator of where you are in terms of FGASA standards. We have all finished our final Bushwise practicals. These practical tests included birds, mammals, arthropods, reptiles, amphibians, botany, fish and the handling of radios.

Mock assessments

All of this preparation comes down to one big FGASA test and assessment drive. Bushwise has proven that they truly are the most comprehensive training provider. Our Field Guide trainers will go out of their way to help you make the dream come true, as long as you put in the effort.

Coffee break

This has been a really tough course but I wouldn’t want it any other way! We are not trained to be good guides but trained to be amazing field guides! We have done a lot of “on the side” courses that will help further our career. These little extras are things like a 4×4 course and an SA wine training course.

Wine tasting course

Bushwise offers a placement to students who have passed not just the FGASA requirements but the Bushwise requirements as well. Most of us know where we are going and some has already gone for interviews. This is such a good learning curve. Gaining experience from the work environment around you with the security of Bushwise standing behind you.

Mock assessment drives

With all this said and done, you can take a horse to the water but you cannot force them to drink. You need to be willing to work! Sometimes you need to sacrifice what you want to do and focus on want you need to do. To use myself as an example, my weak point was birds when I started the course. I got so frustrated and picked on for struggling, that I wanted to be an ostrich and stick my head in ground! I buckled down and studied. This forced action made me realise how magnificent birds truly are and I fell in love with them.

The difference between a good field guide and an exceptional field guide is clearly shown to us by our trainers. You ultimately have to make this decision by yourself. It takes a lot more effort and time to become a great guide, but you have every opportunity here at Bushwise!

Class of January 2019

So in a few weeks time we could possibly be qualified field guides! Just need to knuckle down and work hard to push through the next few assessments.

Find out more about Bushwise wildlife courses!

Blog by Megan Smith

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