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Insects and other bugs

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

We have just started to do our very own full drives, which is kind of stressful, yet exciting at the same time! This will give us better insight to what it would feel like to be a working field guide. The responsibilities and preparation that goes into it is a lot more than what I had actually expected. Especially when it comes to the information that we have to deliver to our ‘guests’. On the other hand, it is probably the greatest way to practice. The trainers are really putting in the effort and I feel like they are doing an outstanding job.

Game drive

Track and signs training continued as well as rifle handling with the groups switching up. I’m sure both groups were looking forward to the activities that lay ahead. Camp life is a lot different this semester as we are all starting to see each-others the true colours and getting to know one another on a different level.

Game drive

We have had a substantial amount of rain this semester so far which is great! good for the area we are in as it really needed it, it also kept us a bit cooler from the heat! On the downside … there are lots of insects and millions of mosquitoes! They are so persistent and lots of students are showing battle scars from these little buggers! One of the highlights of this week for me was definitely the reserve clean up! I cannot explain how satisfying it was to get out there and do some physical work for a change. All the groups and students worked exceptionally hard and I am proud of the work my fellow students and I had done towards helping the reserve.

Learning never stops

Unfortunately, in this week we have had a few students including myself being sick with stomach bugs. Most probably due to the fact that we have had “hot, cold, hot, cold, hot” temperatures the whole week with the rain that has passed, but nothing too serious. Everyone on campus is performing well and the passion for the wildlife and the bushveld is very prominent in all of us! It’s a great journey that we are all walking together with hard work and determination! This is the start to the rest of our lives!

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