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Bushwise recommends: Podcasts on nature and wildlife

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

4 min read

Podcasts are a great way to stay connected to conservation and nature through news and stories. But the sheer number of wildlife-related podcasts available can be quite intimidating. To make things a bit easier, we’ve collected our top recommendations in the following categories:

  1. for safari lovers

  2. for conservation news

  3. for engaging stories

  4. for wildlife in your backyard.

We’re pretty sure this list will inspire you to download some episodes. Following nature news is an important part of being an informed field guide, or simply keeping connected to our natural world. We hope you enjoy our recommendations.

Podcasts for safari lovers

An elephant and a safari game viewer in a wide angle photo, the vehicle is parked on a dirt road.

Safari Stories

This light-hearted podcast comes from two safari and tourism experts, co-founders of the travel company Trunks & Tracks. In it they share amusing stories of what life is like as a safari guide living in the African bush. From humorous tales to hair-raising close encounters, this podcast is a fun and entertaining listen.

Talking Bush, Safari & Luxury Travel

Another one created by a safari company, this podcast is a series of informal and fun interviews with experts from across the continent. Guests include experts like wildlife filmaker Kim Wolhuter, professional guides like Douglas Dichana from the Masai Mara, and many more. This podcast transports you directly to the African bush.

Podcasts for conservation news

A wild dog, one of the world’s most endangered carnivores, stands in a road in a South African game reserve.

Mongabay Newscast

Mongabay is a conservation and environmental science news platform. Every other week, they release a new podcast covering relevant and current issues across the world, from wildlife trade to river biodiversity and nature photography. If you’re looking for something that dives a bit deeper into critical issues, this is your podcast.

Call of the Wild

If you’re looking for a podcast that directly connects the critical environmental issues of today with actionable steps you can take to make a difference, this is it. A WWF production, Call of the Wild brings in experts from every industry, not just conservation to talk about the threats facing our planet. Start with the episode featuring Sir David Attenborough!

Living on Earth

This podcast about climate change, ecology and human health comes from National Public Radio’s PRX. Topics covered recently include COP27, lobster fishing and protecting the Amazon. Quite a varied podcast that really takes deep dives, directly facing our role as humans in threatened environments. 

Podcasts for engaging stories

A Bushwise student explaining something to her guests, including one of the instructors, as they all stand beside a game viewer.

BBC Earth

The BBC does what it does best in this podcast: telling incredible stories in an engaging and entertaining manner. Blending science, human experience and nature while taking you to lesser explored corners of the Earth, this podcast will take you on a captivating journey. It’s enlightening and humorous, a welcome combination.


The name says it all with this one. Each episode focuses on one species of animal (although they also occasionally have a subject matter focus). They’re short, usually just 15–25 minutes, so you can absorb a lot of information without spending too much time. With over 200 episodes there’s plenty to take in.

This Wild Life

Hear directly from people working in the conservation industry, who share their trials and tribulations, funny experiences and animal insight. Subjects covered include protecting the last wild horses in America, to women in field guiding, to the plight of turtle hatchlings. They also discuss wildlife job paths to conservation and current events.

For wildlife in your backyard

A Bushwise student holds an insect towards the camera. The insect is in focus in the foreground, and the student is blurred in the background.

UK Wildlife

Even if African wildlife is far far away for you, there’s still a lot to discover in your own backyard. If you happen to be based in the UK, the UK Wildlife podcast is an excellent way to connect to nature at home. Their broadcasts range from the role of individual species to wildlife news updates.

The Field Guides

You already know we love the name! This podcast is aimed at bringing you on the trail with its hosts, exploring wildlife habitats and interesting species in North America. While the episodes aren’t as regular as others, you can look back into the archives and listen to stories about snowy owls, hellbender salamanders, coyotes and more.

Urban Wildlife

This one challenges the misconception that wildlife only exists in isolation from us, by diving into the weird and wonderful things you can find living in cities and towns. From Philadelphia to Zanzibar, this podcast will encourage you to think differently about the world right outside your window.

Notable mentions

Need more podcasts? Here are a few of our other favourites.

If we missed your top nature or wildlife podcast, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you:

Words by Annie DuPre, photos by Louise Pavid


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