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Bushwise bursary student touches base in the Kruger!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

After completing his course with Bushwise Field Guides in December 2016 Ernest, the second of our bursary students’, was invited to attend the and Beyond’s Inkwazi Ranger Training course. It is common knowledge that the course on offer goes through a stringent selection process and although Ernest did not make the final selection, he gained invaluable experience, which together with his skills and knowledge gained at Bushwise Field Guides set him up for the next chapter in his already successful and exciting career path.

Not to be deterred, Ernest took up a position with a highly successful and well-known Safari tour operator in the Greater Kruger National Park that have been operating in the Kruger National Park since 1998, specializing in this area with safaris into Kruger National Park. We at Bushwise Field Guides are extremely proud of Ernest and his achievements thus far, and thus asked of him to share his thoughts and feelings regarding his dreams and aspirations for the benefit of the reader who is considering a career within the guiding industry.

“Working out in the bush with different people and cultures from around the world is a dream come true.  Every day in nature brings different challenges and friendships that make every second of it worth it.  I enjoy the personal attention I can provide my guests and passion most of my guests have about the conservation and history of South Africa.”

“I still love to get involved with the community and with a recent trip driving to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport after dropping of guests, I came across young African kids from a local village playing soccer outside of Hazyview and I ended up having a fun afternoon with the kids.  To be involved with the youth of South Africa is so rewarding in many ways as they are eager to learn.  It was a truly rewarding day after spending time with these youngsters teaching them about the conservation of South Africa and plant the seed of a future career in some of their minds”

“To be a field guide or tour guide is in many aspects rewarding and by touching one person’s soul and make all their dreams come true on a “Safari Holiday” is worth every second spend and all the hard work that is going into this type of career.  Early mornings, late nights, 18 hour working days make all the sense in the world if you can be a True guide and be the best with every group of new faces you will get to meet during your career.”

“If you have a passion for the bush, environment and South Africa, my only advice to young and upcoming field guides is to live your dream and learn as much as you can from everyone.  Always stay humble and never think you know everything.  Being out in the bush surrounded by passionate guests and God’s creation, will make every long day worth the while.  Be true to yourself and you will become a natural guide and enjoy the Field Guiding industry tremendously.”

Deep and meaningful words Ernest and Thank You for them. We at Bushwise wish you well on your future endeavours, remember always that we are still there as a support to you, we are merely a phone call away, and indeed so do we extend this offer to all our past students!

Whilst about the Bushwise Bursary student programme, it is fitting that we make mention of Trico Chiloane who is our current bursary student for 2017. Trico is halfway through the course and is forging ahead at a rapid rate. No task too big or too small, no lack of enthusiasm nor effort, Trico is simply applying himself diligently and is progressing most satisfyingly. Soon Trico will be reaping the rewards of his labours, and I the writer cannot wait for his graduation day so that I may be able to inform the reader of his successes in the future. Exciting times indeed.

That is all for now, until next time,

Warm Bushveld Greetings

Trevor Myburgh

Bushwise Field Guides

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