Financial aid

Financial aid

Financial aid

Bushwise Field Guides is recognised by most South African major banks as an educational institution. As a result, these banks will typically offer student loans to South African citizens, enabling you to complete the Bushwise course. To take advantage of this, you will first have to enrol in one of the Bushwise courses.

We will then supply you with a registration letter and a full quotation. You can subsequently take this quotation and registration letter to your bank of choice and apply for the student loan.

Our support team will be available to assist you with any further information that your bank or loan provider might need from Bushwise Field Guides.

In the event of not succesfully securing a student loan, let us know and we can explore different avenues with you.

Bushwise Professional Field Guide course is the most affordable long term course when looking at daily rates.


We also offer monthly scholarships of up to £3750 off. Ask us about our current offer!


Past Bushwise students have successfully received loans from the banks below.


For more information,
please call 08601 00372

Standard Bank

For more information,
please call 0860 123000


For more information,
please call 0861 40 40 40


For more information,
please call 0860 555 111

Solidariteit Studiefonds

For more information,
please call 012 111 8360

Flexible payments

Bushwise has flexible payment plans available that enable you to pay your course fees in installments.


Choose your


Pay your


your spot

To qualify, you will need to pay a deposit to confirm your spot. This is highly advised as spaces are limited and they fill up very quickly. Once your deposit has been paid, the remaining balance is typically broken up into six instalments. For more information please contact [email protected].