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Sabi Sabi

Bushwise Sabi Sabi campus

On the banks of a seasonal riverbed, under the shade of jackalberry and marula trees, is the Bushwise Sabi Sabi Campus. Also known as Greg’s Camp, this cluster of rondavels is located away from the reserve’s lodges and guests, making it very private and immersed in the wild. It will form your new home for the next six months, as you train in the world-famous Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve. This campus is run in partnership with Sabi Sabi in our initiative to sponsor and train students from local communities to become qualified field guides. These students and others from across South Africa live and learn in one of the country’s most iconic safari destinations. The Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve encompasses over 5,500 hectares of the Greater Kruger ecosystem, offering exceptional wildlife sightings and exposure to luxury lodges and conservation practices. The campus itself is entirely off-grid and solar-powered. Accommodation and facilities include thatched-roof rondavels, staff housing, a communal dining area and classroom. The campus is enclosed by an electric line, which keeps elephants out but does not prevent the movement of other animals. It’s a truly wild and immersive bush experience – an excellent training ground for future guides!

Campus tour

Join us on a virtual tour of our Kempiana campus in the Greater Kruger National Park. This could be your bushveld home for six months.

Accommodation at the Bushwise Sabi Sabi Campus is within shared thatch-roof rondavels with en-suite bathrooms, fans and storage space. Rooms are shared between 2–3 students.


Unique from other fenced Bushwise campuses, the Sabi Sabi Campus is only surrounded by a single electric line to prevent damage by elephants. Other animals can move through campus, so students are trained on safety and proper behaviour around wildlife.


In these unique surroundings, you can sharpen your skills by observing nature constantly. Free time can be spent birding, scanning the horizon for bigger game, or looking for tracks and signs around campus. 


The campus is run on solar power, and is completely off-grid. As long as the solar is charged, there’s no need to worry about load shedding!


Dining and classroom lectures will take place in an open-air facility, truly immersed in nature to inspire your education.


Available on the Sabi Sabi Campus

Shared rondavel (with fan)

Ensuite bathroom


Juice, tea and coffee (available 24/7)

Laundry services

Braai and social area

Game vehicles

Library of field guiding texts

Open-air classroom

Communal dining area

Emergency support

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