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The Weekly Events of a Bushwise Student

This blog was written by David Lubbe, a Bushwise Professional Field Guide student. Each student takes a turn as camp manager, and writing a blog is part of the experience.

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The past week was quite interesting and busy, to say the least. 

Lion Kill Sighting

The week started very early for a few of the students because of the mock assessment drives that started on Monday. Emma kicked it off with a brilliant game drive; not only delivering an outstanding performance, but also the best lion sighting possible. 

We were on our way to make a coffee stop when FP, our new trainer, observed signs of something being dragged across the road. So being prospective field guides, we started investigating these signs, and sure enough, lions took down a giraffe and were busy feeding nearby. 

As soon as we pulled into the sighting, two cubs appeared. They were the cutest things you could possibly imagine. We sat with these lions for a while and so the time came for us to make way for other guides with guests to inspect these little ones. 

On Wednesday, one of the afternoon drives got yet another black rhino sighting. Here at the Mahlahla campus, we have quite the thing for finding black rhinos! This was a truly great way for the last pair of students to complete their mock drives.

No One Likes Writing Exams

Thursday and Friday were used to refresh our memories of all the modules we did over the last two semesters in preparation for the FGASA exam on Saturday. We did quick recap sessions per module and asked questions if we did not understand something. This all took place in the mornings. After lunch, we were given the rest of the day off to go and study. 

The tension on campus was high due to the stress of the test and everybody was putting in a lot of effort. It was tough to communicate with anyone mostly because they were glued to their textbook. We were all just looking forward to letting our hair down after the test. Saturday arrived very quickly.

 We all wrote the test, and just before lunch (chicken nuggets and muffins), we got word from the trainers that we had all passed! The only thing I can say is that there was a collective sigh of relief. 

Rugby and braaing… need I say more?

It must have changed the wind direction or kickstarted the wind again because there was suddenly a new energy at camp. We all decided that the pool was our best move and had a great and relaxing time there. Then we had the brilliant idea to braai in the immense heat and we succeeded. Once everyone was done eating and the dishes were washed, we got ready to go to Mahlahla Lodge to relax and watch the Springboks play against Ireland. 

We all got to the lodge and started playing pool with people from Siyafunda and were having the best time. Then the time for rugby came and the tension started all over again. The place erupted whenever the referee did something ‘wrong’ and when the Irish scored points. Once we lost against Ireland, the mood was a bit sour. We all decided that the best idea was to get word go back home and go to bed. 

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind it if this week repeated itself – well except the whole test stuff and the Springboks losing, but otherwise, it was a successful week. 

Out here even exam week can be filled with fun. No two days in the bush are the same. Take our introductory online course to learn more!



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