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Announcing our new Bushwise 60-day Safari Guide course

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Have you always dreamt of becoming a field guide, but feel restricted by time and money? We’re excited to share the news – we’ve just launched our Bushwise 60-day Safari Guide course! Live and work in the African bush, training with the best of the best to become a safari guide in just two months. 

This course includes both theory and practical training and assessments. No previous wildlife or guiding experience is required. Plus, attend this course on a South African visitor’s visa – no study visa needed.

This new course is a great way to earn your FGASA Apprentice Field Guide qualification in a shorter time frame than our Professional Field Guide course, but with the same quality and expertise offered by Bushwise. 

So what does the new Bushwise 60-day Safari Guide course entail? Let’s take a look!

Earn your FGASA qualification and more

Five Bushwise students walk in a line through the bush. They are part of a bush walk, silently moving through dangerous game territory under the protection of qualified trails guides.

As the job market continues to get more competitive, we want to ensure our graduates stand out. That’s why we go above and beyond in the qualifications we offer. In just two months, you can earn the essential qualifications and more that you need to enter the competitive ecotourism and conservation industries, including:

  1. CATHSSETA Nature Site Guide (NQF2)

  2. FGASA Apprentice Field Guide

  3. Bushwise 60-day Safari Guide Certificate

  4. Cybertracker Track and Sign qualification

  5. Wilderness First Aid

  6. Reptile Handling

You’ll become a fully qualified safari guide, ready to enter this competitive industry as a Bushwise graduate.

Who’s this safari guide course for?

Holding a book about wildlife, a Bushwise student explains something about identifying different species to her guests.

It’s great for anyone who’s ever considered a career in conservation or ecotourism. Or anyone who’s always wanted to spend time immersed in nature, learning about wildlife. This course is ideal for students who don’t have six months or a year to study on our Professional Field Guide course, but still want to become a qualified guide. 

We also welcome international participants who are looking for a unique and immersive African safari experience. In fact, many of our courses are a 40-60 split between international and local participants. 

What does a day on this course look like?

A Bushwise student standing next to a game viewer on a dirt road. The student is explaining something to his guests, as he is leading a practical assessment drive.

A typical day will start with coffee and rusks, followed by a morning game drive or walk. You’ll then have brunch in our communal dining area, followed by a lecture and then an afternoon activity. Dinner is either in the dining area again, or around an open fire (or braai). You might have a little down time, but as this is an abbreviated course we try not to slow down!

You’ll spend all 60 days learning in the classroom and doing practical exercises in the bush, to ensure you get the most out of your training. An average day could look like this:

  1. 05:30–07:00 Meet in the kitchen for tea/coffee rusks, cereal and fruit, before departing for the morning activity, either a walk or a drive.

  2. 11:00 Brunch.

  3. 12:00 Classroom-based lectures or activities.

  4. 15:00 Afternoon activity, either a walk or a drive.

Where is the course held?

A group of Bushwise students standing on rocks next to a small body of water. It's sunny and bright and the students are looking for birds and other wildlife.

We have two campuses in South Africa within a short drive of Kruger National Park. Our first campus is our Mahlahla camp, located opposite the Greater Makalali Private Game Reserve. Our second campus is operated in collaboration with the Southern African Wildlife College at their Kempiana campus in the Greater Kruger region.

The South African bushveld is known for its rich biodiversity and will offer you every challenge and opportunity to excel as a field guide.

What jobs will I qualify for after this safari guide course?

The camera is focused on a smiling young man. Around him are three other Bushwise students and trainers, all considering something on the ground (perhaps track and sign).

Having a FGASA and Bushwise qualification behind your name is a highly valuable addition to your CV. Whether you’re looking to become a field guide or something else, this course will give you a competitive advantage. 

Some of our students go on to work in the industry as safari guides, either here or abroad, and some of them go on to do something completely different. You could become a:

  1. field guide/safari guide

  2. trails guide

  3. game ranger

  4. park ranger

  5. game warden

  6. ecologist

  7. conservationist

… and more. Learn more about safari jobs and conservation careers and find your dream job!

So are you ready to launch your wild career? Chat with our friendly enrolment team today, or start your application.


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