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A Pioneer in the industry: Bushwise’s Pioneer Moyo a finalist for Safari Guide of the Year 2023

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to observe Pioneer Moyo in the field, his philosophy quickly becomes clear: when sharing bush experience, you never stop learning. There’s never enough knowledge you can absorb. It’s a never-ending process and as a guide, you must be constantly curious. 

Students, fellow field guides, mentors and others in the industry lovingly know Pioneer Moyo as “Pines.” His skills and knowledge in bushcraft are inspiring – he has a magical way of presenting information to his students – imparting essential lessons and lifelong skills to budding field guides. 

Pines began his guiding career in 2007 and joined the Bushwise Field Guides training team last year. He is recognised across the industry as a leader, mentor and teacher to students and peers alike. Bushwise students will, without hesitation, attest that Pines goes beyond the call of duty to provide extra training, tutoring them on bush craft in his free time. 

Pines’s advice: never stop learning

Image by Louise Pavid. Pines explains something to eager field guide students while on a training expedition. 

Pines has brought so much value to the field guide industry over the years. This nomination and place amongst the finalists for FGASA’s Safari Guide of the Year is a well-earned recognition of his contribution and devotion to developing future field guides.

According to Pines, “being one of the contestants for Safari Guide of the Year means a lot. Sharing this experience and meeting other experienced guides in the field is really important – but it’s also about encouraging the young guides that are getting into the guiding industry. I’d like to thank all my mentors and workmates – and the Bushwise team – for their support.”

Over time as he has gained experience and knowledge, Pines has also earned an impressive array of qualifications. These include Professional Field Guide, FGASA Assessor, Professional Trails Guide, Trails Guide Mentor, Specialised Knowledge and Skills in Birding, Specialist Track & Sign, and Tracker Level 3.

This is the second year in a row that a Bushwise trainer has made it to the final competition for this prestigious award, given by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA). Bushwise’s staff, students and trainers have been overjoyed to hear of Pines’s nomination and will closely follow the competition. 

Bushwise Director Eugene Relling commented, “Pioneer as the second senior trainer in a row to be selected as a finalist for this competition just goes to show the calibre of training our students are receiving. This makes me feel proud to say that the next generation of guides are being trained passionately and ethically with Bushwise.”

The Bushwise team is proud of you, Pines!

Image by Alex Shapiro. Bushwise Trainer Pioneer Moyo leans against a safari vehicle at the Southern African Wildlife College campus in the Greater Kruger National Park, where he trains apprentice field guide students.

In last year’s competition hosted by Bushwise, our Head Trainer Nico Brits was awarded Best in Hospitality and Best on Camera. When asked about Pines, Nico says, “I wish Pioneer all the best of luck – what a great honour it is to be nominated and be part of the Top 5 for Safari Guide of the Year. I think he will go really far and do really well. He will do Bushwise and himself very very proud.” 

It’s a true honour for Bushwise to have another of our talented trainers join the finalists for Safari Guide of the Year. We can’t wait to watch the event unfold this coming June at Kapama Private Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger!

Join us in supporting Pines as he competes for the crown of Safari Guide of the Year 2023! Follow us on Instagram for updates.




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