The heat is on!

The heat is on!

Both literally and figuratively.

With temperatures reaching the high 30’s and the Fgasa final exam looming, student and trainer alike are beginning to feel the pressure. Much of this week has been taken up with putting the final touches to the assessment process so that all are aware of what is required both from a Fgasa perspective and the guiding community.

To further this end, students were exposed to a Hospitality and Hosting introduction course covering subjects such as wine pairing, plating, table settings etc. amongst many others to arm them with additional skills upon entering the guiding industry.

In addition, Botany identification walks and game drives with “mystery” guests other than fellow students were the order of the day, to assist the students with honing their skills in their endeavours of becoming professional and highly sought after field guides.


In so saying though, the week has not been all work, as the game drives provided some incredible sightings, after all, living and studying in the bush is also about enjoying the great outdoors. Elephant herds up close and personal, as well as lion prides with the tiniest of cubs added to the experience that I am sure will be treasured for a very long time.

Thus, in closing Ladies and Gentlemen, things are beginning to get real. You are only a few weeks away from the final curtain, and now more than ever you will need to stay focussed on the end goal, apply yourselves diligently as most have been doing up to now, and soon you will reap the rewards of your labours.

Enjoy the Halloween party Ladies and Gents, try and keep it tidy though!

Greetings, Trevor and the Bushwise Team!    game-drive-1