Survival of the toughest….

Survival of the toughest….

Overcoming the mind-set is what we are trying to achieve here! (The mind set being, “Seemed like a good idea at the time!”)

Producing Professional Field Guides with the passion too educate for the greater good (without the “What’s it in it for me? mindset”), the end goal being able to become accustomed to living and working in remote wild life areas without all the creature comforts such as flushing toilets, washing machines, plug points for your hair-dryers and cell phone signal (and Heaven forbid, lack of Wi-Fi) etc. is part and parcel of the learning process that we work towards!

Being able to get along, first and fore-most, with work colleagues (in this case, interacting and living with fellow students), and dealing with guests that are at most times very demanding bordering on being unreasonable (as is evident in the student interactions currently) is what we at Bushwise Field Guides strive to expose the students too in order to make the individual the professional they ought to be!

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Furthermore, maintaining the ability to provide, and I quote:

‘’Being able to reveal and expose people to the natural heritage, history, folklore and the beauty of our (any) country, creating an awareness of the natural environment, through sharing factual knowledge and meaningful interpretation of the environment with the safety and enjoyment of people as a priority! (Fgasa Field guides code of conduct)”

Whilst the pressure of campus life seems relentless to some, bear in mind it is to prepare (this and every intake, past, future and present) to the reality of field guiding. Guiding is not an escape route from the realities of life ladies and gents, it is a flourishing career path within the Hospitality industry, enhancing career opportunities within local communities (and the international community) by means of quality education. There is no space (nor will there be!) for those who wish to hitch a ride for a few months to escape reality and have a good time if that was their expectations of the course! Thus, take heed and apply yourselves diligently.

DO not forget you are here for a higher purpose, the purpose being Conservation as a whole, and conservation means giving your All unconditionally!

In so saying, let me add, that the sleep out exposed much of what has been re-enforced above and the team worked together as a well-oiled engine. Congratulations to the team that made fire with the old fashioned method of stick and bow, compliments to the Chef and thank you to the leopard that interrupted our star talk!!



Trevor and the Bushwise team!