Surprise sundowners and a special sighting!!!

Surprise sundowners and a special sighting!!!

Well three of us heard the leopard calling last night so he cannot have been far from camp! The last of our wake up calls (7am this morning) and into the thick of South Africa’s History and culture. We have passed the caveman test and now know how to make weapons from chunks of wood and stone; how to make fire by rubbing sticks; and not to mention the multitude of other fascinating facts and information Cobus shared.

We have also new found knowledge of ‘potentially dangerous critters ‘ – all those slithery, scaly and some flying creatures to be aware of in the bush. All parents will be happy to hear that despite detailed exploring all the camp nooks and crannies we weren’t able to find any!

Our second drive started slow but then rounding the corner on drive, there were Angela and Sophie with a surprise sundowner – Pimms cocktail and a spread of delicious treats. A real luxury but also an experience the interns will now be able to re-enact once on their placements. It must be added that the first location where the surprise sundowner was planned to be set up, was interrupted by a pride of lions, so very quickly plan B had to come into action…. A situation our interns may well be faced with in the lodges!

The last leg home is going to be a difficult one to upstage! We saw 2 serval, a porcupine, and wait for it…. A PANGOLIN! A first for all the students, including our South Africans and Lauren who had just finished the Bushwise 6 month Field guide course!

Then back to camp for a South African Braai (for those English folk – a BBQ). Another first for many being the most delicious and enormous T-Bone steaks we’d ever seen before, let alone eat. Ended off with marshmallows on the fire. A perfect ending to a perfect day!