So far, so good!

So far, so good!

Four days into practical assessments and already 8 students have passed! So far, so good! Well done students, you make us proud. Amidst all the frantic preparations (at least it appeared so) the students excelled at demonstrating the “WOW!” factor as I like to call it, with some innovative and interesting displays of refreshment breaks for their “guests”. Whilst not a prerequisite, it is always a great way to display hosting skills, and the lengths that most went too have not gone unnoticed, well done!

For those still in the line-up for their assessment, stay calm, stay strong and keep focussed on the end prize, and that is….. Becoming a great qualified field guide and pursuing a rewarding and fulfilling career within the industry! All these past months of preparation will see you through to the end, this I can assure you!

Combined with the above, fine sightings of elephants, lion, leopard, spotted hyenas and plenty of general game on almost every assessment drive, further enhanced the experience for both the assessed and the assessor! This is what it is all about- Creating that perfect guided experience! Honey badger, African civet and porcupine have also been seen on drives this week, on most occasions, numerous times!

Some of the students also had the privilege to assist with the capture, darting and relocation of buffalos on a neighbouring game farm during the week, which was an exciting (albeit tiring) break from the usual routine and was enjoyed tremendously! It was a great hands-on and up-close experience, and for those who participated, a big thank you since ‘many hands make light work’ and your extra hands were welcomed.

On a more personal note, a BIG Happy Birthday to Charles, our senior trainer, colleague and friend. May your day have been filled with fantastic memories and may the birthday cakes together with all the other great treats that have been provided in the last few assessment drives not stretch your waistline too much!! :)

Until next time
Trevor and the Bushwise team