… snake, watch out, everybody stand still…

A boomslang female above my head … everything froze, and then changed. A shift in the right direction…with good reason. Boomslang are Haemotoxic, and antidote is few and far between.

Luckily they do not strike readily. What an amazing chance encounter! Was it not for the really weird fungus on the ground, we would probably not have picked up on this girl. She was real fat, I mean full of it, either heavily gravid (eggs inside), or extremely well fed. Awesome! Wicked! Wow!

So, the fungus that caught our initial attention, very strange indeed, in its own right. Orange Basket Fungus in English, one of the Jakkalskos fungus in Afrikaans. Resembling a miniature space station in orange basket form, smelling of carrion when releasing spore,  yet considered a delicacy with locals when young, a root parasite at it..Strange, definitely strange.

Oh, I should probably mention at this stage that all of this and more was on a bush walk at the end of the week, and included Spotted Hyena, Black backed jackal, Vultures of 3 different varieties, and a Flap Necked Chameleon sloughing. Awesome!

Lectures for the week included Biomes, Weather and Climate, and Astronomy, with the tests being written as we speak – good luck all!

So do you know what causes fairy circles in Namaqualand, or why do Cumulus clouds have flat bottoms, or what the Milky Way is?

Other fantastic sightings on game drives this week include, again, elephants, elephants and more elephants….(and some lions), and, an interesting highlight – plenty of flap-necked chameleons. 

On the Bushwise Hospitality front – our hospitality students left for their internships on Wednesday, after a fantastic bush banquet on the reserve. Good luck ladies and gents – make the most of this golden opportunity!

Until Next Time, 

Cobus and The Bushwise Team