Second Semester done & dusted……..

Second Semester done & dusted……..

Yes, you want to be a Professional Field Guide, yes you want to be the best of the best, yes you want to fulfil your dreams, yet I seem recall that you were told that Africa is not for the feint-hearted and neither is the Professional Field guiding industry, thus be prepared!

 As the final week of the second semester draws to a close, myself and my fellow trainers can see how the fatigue has set in amongst the students, after all, the 4×4 training and the Tracking and trailing components of the Bushwise Field Guide course are a grueling and physical, hands-on part of the preparation for entrance into the Field guiding community as highly professional, and sought after Field guides. These are our minimum standards, and suffice to say, are the standards that the guiding industry expects from a truly dedicated, professional guide. Hang in there guys and girls, you will reap the rewards, and your efforts have not gone un-noticed. (PS- We are ticking all the “boxes” as we go along!)

Well done to the 2nd class of 2015 for achieving their Sasseta (Safety and security Education and training Authority) qualification this week, since this now allows you to further achieve your goal to handle a heavy calibre rifle in a Big 5 guiding environment, particularly those who wish to pursue a career in Trails guiding, you need to however complete (wait for the drum roll……!) THE SIMULATED CHARGE,before you go charging off into the sunset. Do not fear, we are here, although aching muscles and skinned knuckles may be the order of the day as you practice your firearm drills from now until what I affectionately like to refer to as “race day” arrives in order to receive your next qualification, the Advanced Rifle Handling qualification.

GO the distance, and do not doubt in yourselves, every one of you have the ability to succeed!

Good luck with the tests on this upcoming Saturday, (Amphibians, Arthropods and weather/Climate), these are a “walk in the park” compared to the next semester that will prove to be another action and adventure filled four weeks!

Oh, and for those of you traveling and exploring RSA on the off-week, please travel and return safely. Our work with you is not done!

Bush greetings!

Trevor and the Bushwise team!