To Rove or to Cruise?

To Rove or to Cruise?

Or better yet, Land rover or Land cruiser? No matter the age old debate between these two icons of THE game drive vehicle, one important issue remains unchanged! How to become “unstuck” when you have become “stuck”. (This applies to a Ford as well!) Wait a moment, let me progress as this could lead to the proverbial “stirring up a hornets’ nest” debate.

No matter the choice of vehicle, at some point in time, whether a professional field guide or a newbie in the guiding world, you will face a situation where you have driven your vehicle into a sticky situation, and if help is not nearby, have to extricate yourself from the situation and still maintain guest safety as well as minimize damage to the company asset i.e. the lodge vehicle! Not to mention leave the least ecological damage to the environment as you attempt to figure out a solution to your predicament.


To this end, this week has been devoted to facilitating 4 x 4 driving techniques, demonstrating how gearboxes and differentials work, how tyre pressures affect your driving, the correct use of recovery equipment to mention but a few modules were covered. Through means of demonstrations and simulations, dry river sand driving, wheel changing in shifting sand conditions as well as stall starting on steep inclines and declines were covered, with several breathless and nervous trainers (and students alike) being put to the test, not to mention the vehicles. On this note, the writer would like to add for the benefit of past students who may be reading the blog (tongue in cheek humour here readers!) – Lucretia is alive and well and has weathered the Storm-Long Live Land rover!


With a 100% pass rate, I would like to congratulate all the students for their achievement and further to this, a Big Thank You to Nostophobic Adventures and Soluvate, this means you Mark and Andre, for your time and effort and for providing an excellent course. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding working relationship. For the reader once again, please have a look at the following website for more information if interested in improving your 4 x 4 driving skills, or alternatively to make use of many of their other services to enhance your guiding departments’ skills as I would highly recommend their services.


Warm Bush Greetings

Trevor and the Bushwise Team!