Photo ops & 4 x 4 craziness this past week!

Photo ops & 4 x 4 craziness this past week!

We came back on Monday morning after a well deserved off week and immediately students started “bragging” about the places they have been to and what animals they have respectively seen, like; Leopard, Cheetah, Elephants and many colourful birds.

Not long after the “bragging”, everyone started getting the camp ready for this interesting-and-fun-filled 2nd semester.

DSC_0396We started off with a photography workshop, hosted by Mike Kendrick. This course provided everyone with excellent tips and ideas about how to get that perfect picture that tells a story instead of only taking an ordinary/basic picture and we focused on many more photography skills – it felt as if we were in Los Angeles with all the students pretending to be ‘paparazzi’ while they put their new photography skills to the test.

When we went out on game drives, we were blessed with all the photo opportunities we got, like; breath-taking sunsets and sunrise pictures, landscape pictures, abstract pictures and many animal pictures.

On the last morning in particular, we saw a Journey of Giraffes and two bulls that were busy ‘necking’ and this provided fascinating photo opportunities as the sun was busy rising over the horizon.

Giraffes don’t defend territories, but males will develop a local hierarchy by fighting one another, the reward for the “WINNER” will be getting to take the females in oestrus out for ‘dinner’.

With necking, males will stand next to one another (facing the same or opposite direction) and attempt to land blows with their short horns (ossicles) by swinging their necks and using their heads as hammers. Blows are aimed anywhere on the body, and the duel can continue for hours until one individual becomes submissive and backs away. Dominant male giraffes will also sometimes try to mount subordinate males in dominance displays (see picture below).


After all this photography excitement we had something else to look forward to à the 4×4 course, which was hosted by Will of Africa. The safety of your guests is very important and knowing how to navigate well off road is a vital skill to know as a guide. If you would like to know and learn more about 4×4’ing amongst African animals in the WILD, come and sign up for one of the guiding courses we offer at Bushwise. All I can say is that we had great fun while 4×4’ing and saw a lot of mammal species, and even few of the Big 5 who watched the students as they did the practical themselves.

Thanks go out to the respective people who hosted the above mentioned events and the BUSHWISE Students for being awesome participants.

Have a lovely weekend.


Almero Klingenberg and the Bushwise Team