From Earwigs to Elephants!

From Earwigs to Elephants!

After a pleasant weekend the week started off focusing on the smaller wonders of nature, the invertebrates. A little fun and games as teams of two could choose their “insect net” from a selection of nets, each containing one frog and one insect name. From this they were to create a FunFact sheet about the creatures “caught” in their nets! The results were awesome as students went all out in creativity and designed some amazing fact sheets! Many of these turned out so well that they will be preserved and used in the classroom as extra learning material for future students!


Following the Arthropod and Amphibian training, we headed off to Kruger National Park for an Elephant talk at Letaba Elephant Museum. Along the way we stopped off at Masorini hills for a culture and history tour at the scenic Masorini Open Air Museum and Archaeological site. Here our guide explained the early Iron Age developments and how the early inhabitants managed to extract the iron from the rocks.


While all this was happening this week, behind the scenes the Bushwise Annual General Meeting was being held, and plans and concepts for some amazing future developments for Bushwise were discussed and set in motion!


The week has really flown past with all the activities, but as usual, it ended with Test day on Saturday, where all the week’s knowledge was put to the test in the form of high standard examinations! So another jam-packed week with Bushwise came to an end with great news that our Wild Dogs have denned on the reserve, and around 6 awesome pups are healthy and doing great!

Regards from the bush,
Vaughan and the Bushwise team