Fgasa Level 1 EXAM time!!!!

Fgasa Level 1 EXAM time!!!!

This week has been unusually calm in the Bushwise Campus. After one long bird-based theory test on Monday morning which consisted of identifying a large number of birds by sight and calls.  After that everyone retreated to their rooms to study for the upcoming FGASA exam which was scheduled for Friday. Happy to say we later heard there was a 100% PASS RATE!!!!!

On Tuesday we all enjoyed a surprise trip organized by our trainers to the Debengeni waterfalls in the nearby Magoedbaskloof. There were majestic waterfalls and rock formations and we all had. Exuberant play in the water or on the shore, and a delicious, rich braai under the cool, shady forest canopy with another wildlife invited to explore.

We were lucky enough to see a Loren’s Dwarf Chameleon that entertained us by catching a fly – we all got to see what we had learned in our reptile module about Chameleons and how long their tongues are and how they catch their prey.

At the end of our beautiful excursion we had a small shopping stop to stock up on supplies in Tzaneen and this rounded off the perfect day.

Many thanks to all trainers who made this possible for us and for Trevor braaing our lunch and especially to Sharin for organizing this and all the hard work and effort you put in. It was an absolutely magical day that we will never forget.

The following two days went by very quietly while everyone was hard at studying, and from time to time, our campus resembled a ghost town. Some shy animals even showed up more often, like the beautiful paradise Flycatcher.

On Thursday there was so much stress and tension in the air, you could almost taste it. Some students even skipping meal times, too busy revising. Friday morning, 5:00, a few students were already in the classroom revising and preparing for the next few hours. 8:00 arrived and we were ready! We were divided into two groups, one half in the classroom, the other half in the dining room. The 2.5 hours that we had for the exam went by quickly, and even after that, most were still very tense. A little was celebration was held that evening, but the weekend was just as quiet as the week. Currently everyone is busy preparing for our final practical assessment in the upcoming weeks.

Again many thanks to all of our Trainers and Bushwise staff for everything and for all the support and hard work and hours you all put in for us. Good luck to all the students for their assessment drives!

Blog by Dirk Hasselmeyer