Exams are just around the corner

Exams are just around the corner

Tensions are high as we get closer to the end of our course. Over the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work doing our mock assessment drives. Taking turns guiding and playing the role of “guests” for each other. Seeing how far we’ve come since the begin of the course, and being given the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the things that we’ve learned. This includes our hosting skills, as we’re treating each other to better and better snacks during our ‘puza’ stops.

We have otherwise been spending any free time we have revising and studying for the upcoming written FGASA exam.

Despite the stress of the fast approaching assessments, we did get a chance to unwind a bit with a visit from Safari Wines. They came for a wine tasting and to teach us about wine pairing.

During the session we got to sample 6 different South African wines; a Sauvignon Blanc, a Chenin Blanc, a Chardonnay, a Pinotage, a Shiraz, and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

We learned that Sauvignon Blanc tends to be best paired with acidic foods, such as tomato or lemon. Whereas, Shiraz is best paired with stronger flavours, such as dark chocolate or blue cheese.

We were also taught about the proper etiquette when it comes to serving wine to guests. How to hold the bottle, how to pour, which is the correct side to pour from.

Throughout the exercise we were exposed to many different flavour profiles. We found that each of us had different preferences (with some people deciding that the only wine they like is ‘Brandewyn’), but with pairings we were taught that what it really comes down to is personal taste.

After spending the weekend celebrating Halloween with a party at Mahlahla, we were back to work early Monday morning with our tests in Weather and Climate, as well as Biomes. This was followed by a practical demonstration of the Advanced Riffle Handling (ARH) assessment. The rest of the week will be spent practicing and doing dry-runs for the ARH assessment.



The next few weeks are bound to be busy with all of our exams, assessments, and interviews for placement, but we’re all appreciating and enjoying every minute of it, and looking forwards to beginning our careers as guides!

Blog by Fiona Leigh