Exam time!

Exam time!

Only a day or two until we write our FGASA level one theory exam. This is it. Five months of hard work summed in an hour and a half examination. No pressure, right?

Studying hard!


On a less dramatic note, rain has finally arrived and us students are probably just as excited of its arrival than the desiccated vegetation around us. The bush is coming alive with sound of the foam nest tree frogs, croaking happily as the rain falls, the ordeal of last winter finally behind them. The arrival of rain is also synonym of the arrival of insects and other arthropods which the mighty elephant shrew feeds on, allowing us to catch a glimpse of the adorable yet elusive predator as he grows bolder on his hunt for dinner.

Foam nest tree frogs, photo by Astrid Dedieu


Although the prolific numbers of insects equal a feast for some, for others, such as the naturally poorly equipped Homo sapiens, it means mosquito nets and bug spray a-go-go. But mostly, it means that our curiosity as to how the bush has been changed by this meteorological phenomenon grows exponentially by the day.

I believe it is safe to say that we are all eager to return to the bush and see how it has been metamorphosed by underrated power of rainfall.

Long awaited rain, photo by Astrid Dedieu

As the end of the course approaches, many of us are getting ready to set out on the back up trails course but not without our Advanced Rifle Handling certificate! Even though the last week has mostly been dominated by revision, we were able to spend a day sharpening our shooting skills in view of our upcoming ARB assessment which, I must admit, wasn’t a bore! A few of us even surprised ourselves with how fun shooting in a safe environment could actually be.

ARH practice, Photo by Paige Raine

All in all, along with the thrills of bush walks and ARH, the next few weeks are bound to be a bit more exciting than the previous ones!

Blog by Astrid Dedieu

Astrid Dedieu