Cheetah kill!!!

Cheetah kill!!!

The week started with the Amphibians lecture on Monday morning, learning how to differentiate frogs from toads and lots of interesting facts about both going from their life stages and nests, to their behavior towards each other and predators. The afternoon was dedicated to the Rifle lecture to give us knowledge about the use of a rifle and the way it work to make sure we are able to deal with any issue that could arise while handling it.

On Tuesday morning we learned about the 9 biomes that occur in South Africa and their main specific aspects as well as what kind of animals and plants they offer a home to. Knowing more about the biomes that we don’t live in is quite interesting as it enable us to realize how different the one we actually do live in, Savanna, is in comparison to the other 8. We were supposed to sleep out that evening but the weather forecast announced rain and storms so we made the decision the have a regular game drive in the afternoon and stay at camp for the night.

Wednesday morning we went in Makalali and did some reserve work by cutting trees that were blocking the roads. It is a necessary thing and it is also very fun, everybody enjoyed it very much. In the afternoon we walked around campus to learn more about trees and how to identify them.

On Thursday, some of us went to Polokwane to get their traffic number while the rest of us went on the drive and were so lucky they saw their first kill. Two cheetahs killing a duiker just in front of them definitely made the students’ day, they all came back eyes full of stars and very excited about what they just witnessed. In the afternoon they went on another drive and saw a bunch of elephants. Such an incredible day!

Picture by Chelsea Decroos

On Friday, two groups went walking in the bush and another one went on a game drive and had the chance to see five lions; such good luck to see all this within a few days.

In order for us to be able to have enough practice, Trevor kindly offered his time over the weekend to come at campus and allow us to practice shooting with the .22 and .303 rifles. It was really fun for everybody and, for some of us it was also the first time they had ever shot a rifle.

The weeks are never the same here but they definitely are full of surprises and wonders, which make every single day exciting, this is what the life in the Bush is all about!

Blog by Joanna Dupont

Pictures by Joanna, Cheetah pics by Chelsea Decroos