Biting the bullet

Biting the bullet

Along with mock drives preparing us for our assessment drives, the first little bit of rain came, preparing us for the summer rains; or so we thought during a coffee stop as people sheltered under a tablecloth.

With the hopes of rain quickly dampened and quenched altogether, for now, excitement for our futures shone through as the week ended, bringing us closer to our final exams and the next steps to our journey.

With the week of mock drives over, this week started off with a bang, quite literally as a week of rifle practice commenced. Shouts of “lion, stand still” could be heard throughout campus as everyone practiced the drill with and without the rifles over the next few days. With the drill practices under our belts, we launched ourselves to the next target, changing our sights from lion and buffalo posters to radio practice and our final sights and sounds test of the course. As the birds flew across the screen during the test and the last of the calls came to an end, the excited chattering began as everyone passed with flying colours and became qualified as birders.

Along with the rifle practice, we also did a refresher crash course in 4×4, practicing our reverse stall starts up an embankment and skills gained during the course at the start of our first semester. With our refresher session banked, our road now leads us to our final preparations for the up and coming exam, sitting in the not too distant future.

Blog by Sam Parker