Back in the saddle…and cruising!

Back in the saddle…and cruising!

There were talks of two young males in the vicinity, but that was already hours ago… we didn’t have much hope.
Tracks. Fresh tracks. Things are looking up. Yet, just as we started getting a glimpse of hope, the tracks went to the left, into a sensitive seepage line area, no offroading. Not looking good. Eish! Alarm calls. Impala.  General direction where tracks were heading towards, couple clicks, I know there`s a dam. Late afternoon. Bingo, back on the mova, let’s go. The sun is setting. The hippos are restless.We found them. Two beautifully strutting young male lions… Strangest sense of achievement.

The rest of the week was good to us too. After a good off week everyone is back and in full swing. Today is the practical botany assessment, so lots of plants were covered during the week on drives in the reserve, and in Kruger national Park. Yet, not only plants were seen, and by Thursday four of the big five (plus Cheetah) had been ticked, excluding the ever elusive leopard.



Kruger is always a pleasant experience, and this time had a something special added, in the form of a talk by one of the Environmental Education Officers. It was a great honour, and certainly enlightening, to learn more about the history, management strategies and vision in one of the world’s leading national parks. Thank you indeed KNP, and more specifically Riana Harmse from Elephant Hall in Letaba rest camp.

Back from Kruger the alternating student groups were challenged to pull some magic out of the hat and host a bush dinner of epic proportions with very little other than nature and innovation to their disposal. Very well done … Stunning !

Good luck for upcoming theoretical exams, placement interviews and practical assessment preparations.

Until Next Time,

Cobus & The Bushwise Team