Arthropods, Astronomy and basic photography….

Arthropods, Astronomy and basic photography….

After another busy week, the Bushwise students are currently enjoying some well deserved downtime for the weekend. I think we deserve it. The past week has involved lectures on Arthropods, Astronomy and basic photography.

Monday morning started with the class lecture on Arthropods. These are the little creatures often over looked on most peoples safari adventure. Examples of these are bees, locusts, butterflies, termites, scorpions and millipedes. They may all be small and seemingly insignificant but a closer look at these will give any visitor to the bush an improved understanding of natures big picture. Did you know the importance of a millipede, known locally as a Shongololo? They eat and thus get rid of dead organic matter and in turn become food themselves for another animal. Every organism in the natural world has some use. All of us continue to be amazed at how everything here fits together.
Picture by Chelsea Decroos

Next was our introduction to Astronomy which started in the morning with a class lecture. Once the sun had set later that day the fun happened. Ben, one of our trainers has a telescope…although calling it a telescope seems a bit of an understatement. My first impression was that this was a mini-Hubble telescope. Through the monster of a telescope we got to view planets and stars at epic magnifications. For me, it was incredible to see the rings of the planet Saturn. What we read about in books I could actually see. Viewing the moon close up was also fascinating.

Picture by Matt Lailvaux


Picture by Robert Meineke

The week continued with game drives which we were all excited to get out onto. After the photography tutorial it was great fun to get out into the bush and now that we have a grasp of how a camera in manual mode works we went out to photograph anything and everything. The bush didn’t disappoint here. Between all three drive groups out on their own individual routes sightings included, lion, cheetah, leopard, black rhino, elephant  and some beautiful African sunsets. Keep shooting guys!


Picture by Stefano Cerrai

Blog by Robert Meineke