And so the journey begins…..

And so the journey begins…..

“Courage, Dear Heart” C.S. LEWIS

You have so many choices in this life of what you can make yourself into. The dreams that started with wanting to be the next Steve Irwin only got bigger the older I got. Obviously, the fact that being a boy raised in Regina, Saskatchewan gave me slim pickings of learning a lot about conservation regarding animals that I found interesting and besides that fact not many chances to wrestle a crocodile into the dingy for relocation didn’t really come up so the whole Steve Irwin thing kind of faded away. But never the less my passion for animals never left me.

Going to New York to study Zoology was a dream come true, but the base classes never caught my interest and baseball was my priority at that point. I ended up leaving with a questionable future ahead of my self baseball was here and there and the thought of being a police officer was always appealing. I went back to Canada to study Police Studies and play a little baseball on the side just to see if I could still bang the ball around. In all the classes were interesting and the professors were fantastic but there was always something in the back of my head saying is being a police officer what you really want? After my 3rd semester I found out that I had a good opportunity to get into the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) so I packed my bags and headed home and seeing how the police force is a career and not something you just try out.

I decided to go on a volunteer trip to Africa and see the world a little and gain some much-needed life experience. The experience I had was something I find hard to describe up until this very day the friends I made will be with me forever, my love for photography flourished and I was back to being a kid again except I was playing hide and seek with animals as an adult. While my experience was amazing it was fleeting and I wanted this feeling permanently so through out my trip I was constantly asking if I could become a part of the team for the volunteer organizations and the answer I got back was I didn’t have the experience, but the door didn’t close it blew open. From past students I found out about Bushwise Field Guides and I heard nothing but good things about was this course which I could try do, so when I got home I started to do my research. I eventually got accepted into the program and so began the road to playing hide and seek with animals. I couldn’t have been more excited and nervous to be committing to something that I only had dreams about.

So, a year later I packed up my bags said bye to my family and mostly importantly my dog and was off to do something that would hopefully change my life. Getting to Johannesburg a day early gave me a chance to get my bearings and catch up on some much-needed sleep, being a nervous flyer and all. I headed to the airport the next day and found some of my fellow students waiting for our big adventure. After piling in the vehicle and finally taking my much awaited first steps at Bushwise it all hit me that this was real and not just a fantasy!

Things have just been flying by since then, getting our traffic numbers for the international students and then moving on to getting our first aid which I never new getting first aid could be so much fun. Getting to know everyone has been amazing and being able to finally take photos again has taken some weight off my chest I did not know was there in the first place. We had our first game drive as well and getting back in the game viewer was much needed!

We have learned so many things this week and I can already tell that we have a group of some outrageously smart people which is a little intimidating but I’m willing to put my brain to the test to see if I can keep up! So excited to finally be here and can’t thank my family back home enough and to my new family at Bushwise lets make the most of this amazing opportunity!

Blog by Brody Boldt