A New Dawn, Heralds a New Beginning!

A New Dawn, Heralds a New Beginning!

This not only refers to the arrival of our new class of aspirant Field Guides, but also to our new staff additions. A warm welcome to Ben Coley and Vaughn Jessnitz, our new Head Trainer and Trainer respectively, that have replaced Charles Delport and Cobus Spies in the aforementioned roles who have embarked on their new and exciting business ventures. Good luck guys, you will be sorely missed, and we wish you all the very best for your future endeavour’s!  Check out our web page for Ben and Vaughn’s’ biography’s and sneak a peek at the “mugshots” of the newcomers though, since with their experience, as Charles and Cobus have done will only take Bushwise Field Guides to a new level and remain the most sought after Field Guide Training Provider that we are today!

To all the friends, family and loved ones back home, your loved ones have arrived safe and sound, albeit wide-eyed and uncertain. Rest assured that they are in good hands and they have settled into their new environment quickly and have already made new friends and are having the time of their lives. To all the Moms out there, take heart in the fact that your boys (and girls) are actually washing, drying and packing away their own dishes and making their own beds! (Believe it or not) In addition to this, the meals have been referred to unanimously as good as Moms’ cooking, so all is good! Thank you Rose and Iris! You girls are AWESOME as is your chicken pie! (to which all past students and no doubt our new students will agree too)

I would also like to take the opportunity to say welcome to Rita and Nick from our marketing team who have joined the students from their arrival in order to experience first-hand how Bushwise Field Guides operate in order to enable them to perform their functions in their roles, and also to mention a word of thanks to Kim, Head of our Sales Department, together with Sharin, our Camp Administrator for the long hours and time spent to ensure the smooth roll-out of the new course arrivals. You girls ROCK!!

In closing, I would also like to make special mention of our ongoing Corporate responsibility initiative, by welcoming Ernest Buthelezi, who will be joining us on this course thus enabling him to enjoy the opportunity to achieve a Fgasa qualification sponsored by Bushwise Field Guides! (GO IMPI!) Keep a close eye on our blog readers, as I see a great future ahead for Ernest and future candidates!

Warm Regards,

Trevor & The Bushwise Team