About us

Premium field guide training

About us

Premium field guide training

About us

Bushwise Field Guides is set in the heart of South Africa’s bushveld, in Limpopo.

We are an accredited Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) training provider with the highest success rate in the FGASA exams, and with the most sought-after graduates in the industry.

All Bushwise courses and internships have been set up by expert trainers and practitioners with extensive knowledge and experience in the field: in program logistics, field guiding and the eco-tourism industry.

Bushwise delivers the highest standard in both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to

ensure that our students land the best jobs in the future.

All courses are designed to train field guides of the highest calibre, who are equipped with all the skills and experience they need to excel in the industry.

Bushwise offers professional field guiding courses accredited by FGASA, wildlife research expeditions, and field guiding internships.

Passion is at the heart of Bushwise, and you can learn more how Bushwise came to be from our co-founder, below.

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Our story

When first coming to Africa, many moons ago, I struggled to get a foot in the door to live my dream of working with large African mammals.

After a long, slow road, I decided to train by myself to become a field guide and gain the experience and skills that would get me where I wanted to be.

Back in the early 1990s, there were no FGASA training providers and it was all just self study and self-motivated learning. So, slowly but surely I gained my qualifications, experience and skills, which spring-boarded me into guiding and wildlife research positions across Africa, and into the journey of a lifetime.

Sophie Niemann | Director and Owner

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Our standards

Bushwise courses are top quality. Our comprehensive courses include all the information you need to start a career as a field guide, researcher or conservationist. They are delivered by experienced trainers, with years of experience in the field. We go to great lengths to uphold the quality of our courses, and the high standards of knowledge and expertise that our graduates are known for. That’s why we carefully select all the elements of our courses to guarantee quality training, and ensure that our students receive the foundation they need to reach their potential as field guides.

We also include additional qualifications in the course. This promotes our students’ capabilities further and improves their career prospects in the industry. As a result of our standards and quality training, Bushwise graduates consistently achieve the highest pass marks in their FGASA exams, and are highly sought after by leading South African employers.

Careers after Bushwise

Our focus lies in training students to become top-quality field guides that are sought after within the safari industry. And we’re so confident in our offering that our South African students are guaranteed a job offer within six months of successfully completing both their Bushwise Professional Field Guide course and placement.

During the course of their six-month placement, our students gain valuable hands-on experience. As a result of the intensive training includes in our courses, student’s will be equipped to take on the role of a park ranger, game ranger or wildlife researcher.